1. Sunset Chapel

    Acapulco • Guerrero • Mexico

    By BNKR arquitectura

    via Archdaily

  2. Olympiapark

    Revised and reprocessed – an abstract look at the iconic architectural structure designed and built for the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.

    By Cory Stevens

  3. Sports complex

    Gondomar, Pt.

    By Alvaro Siza

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    Groningen, Netherlands, 2003–2008

    The facade isconstructed from flat, vertical aluminum slats, which, in places, are twisted outwards in bowed forms. Tall, vertical undulations are generated, which present an open or a closed aspect depending on the angle under which they are viewed.

    On the lower level the colour yellow is used, which gradually changes to green towards the top of the building.

    In the interior, two internal vertical voids allow daylight to enter the interior functioning as a form of internal facade. The two voids have the geometry of asymmetrical truncated cones which mirror each other vertically. Shared walkways surround these internal voids, creating a clear organisation whereby dark corridor systems can be avoided.On the ground floor, where daylight is at its lowest, yellow is used. Per floor this colour then deepens through to orange and finally to red on the uppermost level.

  5. Plasticity

    What: Church of St. Pierre 
    Built by: Le Corbusier & José Oubrerie
    When: Construction began in 1971 but was abandoned, it restarted and ended in 2006.
    Where: Firminy Vert, France
    Visited: June 2013 

    By Miroslava Brooks

  6. Casa Mestre

    Valle de Bravo • México

    by Dellekamp

    via Plataforma Arquitectura

  7. Parque Biblioteca Fernando Botero

    San Cristóbal • Medellín • Antioquia • Colombia

    By G-Ateliers Architecture

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  8. Berlin

    By Simon Gardiner

  9. The Cooling Towers (Urban Exploring)

    These are 5 different cooling towers. The second picture is a live one.

    By Stefaan Beernaert

  10. Roof on the hill

    Takarazuka • Hyogo Prefecture • Japan

    By Alphaville Architects

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