Lugo, Spain 2007-2011

    By Nieto Sobejano Architect

  2. MM House

    São Paulo • Brasil 

    StudioMK27 • Márcio Kogan 

    Photos by Fernando Guerra

  3. Gago House
    San Pedro de La Paz • Biobío Region • Chile
    by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

    via archdaily

  5. Lyon City

    An animation to show the city of Lyon and its beautiful building. To see the complete video: http://vimeo.com/88059250 

    By Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture Studio

  6. Art Arcadion

    Hongkun Art Gallery  • Beijing

    By CHRIS PRECHT of Penda

  7. The Godfathers

  8. RW Concrete church
    Byeollae • Korea
    By nameless

  9. An incredible photos by @fernandogguerra of the Economic University • FEE UDP • Chile •

    By Duque Motta

  10. Four days in Madrid
    Parque Madrid Río: 
    • Pasarela del Arganzuela by Dominique Perrault
    • Puente Cascara by west 8

    Own photos by Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture Studio