1. Four days in madrid

    Barajas Airport by Richard Roger

    Own photo by Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture Studio

  2. Four days in Madrid

    Arganzuela Footbridge

    by Dominique Perrault

    Own photo by Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture Studio

  3. School complex and leisure center G.Valbon

    Bobigny • France 

    By Mikou Studio

  4. OCT design museum

    shenzhen, china
    by studio pei zhu
    via designboom

  5. Okurayama Apartments
    Okurayama, Tokyo - Design Kazuyo Sejima & Associates

    Photos by Iwan Baan

  6. Churchyard Offices in An Icelandic Cemetary

    Icelandic firm Arkibullan has built churchyard offices and staff housing in the middle of the Gufunes cemetary in Iceland. With a chapel, a church and a cemetary, this 2 storeys building is modern and minimalist. 

    via fubiz

  7. New World Center
    Miami  Beach
    by Frank Gehry

    via roma paisajis & Archdaily

  8. Jewish Contemporary Museum San Francisco

    by Daniel Libeskind 

    photos by Mark Darley

  9. Pérez Art Museum Miami

    By Herzog & de Meuron

    via visit florida & archdaily

  10. Terminus Hoenheim-Nord Strasbourg


    By Zaha Hadid Architects

    via arthitectural